Tila Pilon Hills

Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT) is known as “Bulacan’s last frontier” due to it being the least traveled municipality in the province of Bulacan. This is a surprising fact because this municipality prides itself on an untouched natural environment like clean rivers, well-cultivated farms, dramatic landscapes, and 13 beautiful waterfalls. One of the most recommended tourism sites in DRT is Tila Pilon Hills.

Tila Pilon Hills

What is Tila Pilon Hills?

Tila Pilon means “Looks like a vase” and it pertains to the shape of its landscape. It’s a camping site with a scenic view of several greeny hills and peaks in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. It’s located in Brgy. Kalawakan, DRT, Bulacan.

Tila Pilon Camping Resort offers hiking with a guide to its summit. They also offer camping by the resort and on their designated campsite near the summit. There is also a cafe inside the resort and a cheaper option for food for those who are on a tight budget. Tables and chairs are set up nicely underneath some tall Mahogany trees.

How to go to Tila Pilon Hills?

PRIVATE CAR: Drive to NLEX and exit at Balagtas Exit. Use Plaridel By-pass Road all the way to San Miguel, Bulacan. Turn right to Camias-Sibul Road. Doña Remidios Trinidad is just 30 minutes away from San Miguel, Bulacan.

*You may also avoid using Express Way by driving to Angat, Bulacan through Mc Arthur Highway or Commonwealth Ave.

COMMUTE: Take a bus to San Miguel, Bulacan and then a jeepney from Bulacan to DRT. You may also take a bus to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, ride a jeepney to Angat, and then another jeepney to DRT.

What to do in Tila Pilon?


Trekking to the summit of Tila Pilon Hills is the main attraction for tourists. The guide fee is 300 PHP for 5 persons. The view at the summit is breathtaking!

The hike was really straightforward and pleasantly easy even for non-hikers. We were not on hiking attires but we still managed to reach the summit without any issues at exactly 36 minutes. There are two trails to the peak of Tila Pilon. Most of the parts of the easier trail are shaded woodlands. You will be passing through a citrus farm and some huge mango trees.

Tila Pilon Hills


There is a designated campsite near the summit, and there is also one by the resort. DRT is indeed the least traveled municipality of Bulacan, as Tila Pilon rarely gets visitors that want to stay for camping. The guide fee for overnight camping is 800 PHP for 10 persons.

DRT Camping
Tila Pilon Campsite

Grab a cup of Coffee

Coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of coffee before or after hiking the summit of Tila Pilon. The artsy cafe is sitting underneath a huge Mahogany tree. Thus, not only that it offers aromatic coffee but fresh air and a beautiful view also.

Tila Pilon Hills
Tila Pilon Cafe

Cliff-side Swing

This one is probably not for coffee lovers. A thrill-seeking attraction is also available at Tila Pilon Hills. Take a swing beside the cliff if you get too bored of the 30-minute hike to the summit.

Cliff side swing

Waterfalls side-trip

DRT is popular for having 13 waterfalls in its municipality. These waterfalls however are located in different barangays. The trek to the falls is between twenty minutes to 2 hours on each waterfall. Thus, it may not be possible to visit all the falls in just one day.

What’s the best time to visit DRT?

You can visit the municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad all year round. The 13 waterfalls of DRT are surely lively and majestic during the rainy season, while the hills and campsites would be perfect during the dry season.

Tila Pilon as seen from the registration area

Budget itinerary

Entrance Fee: 50 PHP
Hiking Guide Fee: 300 PHP (1 guide for every 5 persons)
Parking Fee: 50 PHP for Cars, 20 PHP for Motorcycles
Overnight Guide Fee: 800 PHP (1 guide for every 10 persons)
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