The Little Baguio of Antipolo City

Marilaque highway has been one of the go-to places for the motorcycle community. Its zigzag roads, cold temperature, and beautiful landscapes are the main reasons why it is best to drive around here. And there’s one place off the beaten path that draws people from the Metro recently. It’s Sapinit Road, which was recently known as the Little Baguio of Antipolo City.

Sapinit Road

Little Baguio is the end part of Sapinit Road in Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo City. It’s a privately owned land with a 2 KM road full of perfectly planted pine trees by the roadside.

Where is Sapinit Road?

Sapinit road is part of Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo City. Brgy. San Juan is sitting right next to Brgy. Inarawan and Brgy. Calawis. Few known establishments nearby are the Boso-boso Highlands resort and the RC Cola Plantation.

How to go Little Baguio?

PRIVATE CAR: Drive to Marilaque via Marcos Highway, passing Cogeo/Padilla. A few minutes after passing the RC Cola Plantation, there is a Welcome Arch that says “You are entering the Upper Marikina Basin Protected Landscape”. Turn left when you see that arch and turn right when you reached the Loyola Gardens of Antipolo. The little Baguio is only 12-15 minutes from the highway.

COMMUTE: Take a jeepney to Paenaan. There are terminals in Marikina and Cogeo. Tell the driver to drop you off at the ‘Cabading Arch’. Take a tricycle to Sapinit Road.

Where to eat in Sapinit Road?

We discovered two places to chill around near the Little Baguio site. They are Camp Sandugo and ATV Adventure Rizal Allday Breakfast.

camp sandugo

Camp Sandugo is a biker’s stopover and they offer the best Siomai and brewed coffee at a very affordable price. They also offer rice meals, pasta, and pizza.

atv adventure rizal cafe

ATV Adventure Rizal is a place where you can rent ATVs and horses. They also have a cafe that the owner decided to set up to support their rescued cats and dogs. The profit of the cafe all goes toward the budget of the rescued animals.

A Few Reminders

The Little Baguio is a private place. When we ask to enter to take pictures, we should ask the security guards politely and abide by their rules. Parking is only allowed on the concrete part of the road, do not park by the grass. Lastly, the place is only open until 6 PM.

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