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Small-business owners love what they do, and they treasure their relationships with their customers. They are usually the ones who have better customer engagement than big restaurants or fast-food chains. This is why we love supporting small businesses in our local community. And there is one family-owned small business in Taytay that we love coming back to whenever we’re in Rizal – Lugaw N Toppers!

Where to eat in Taytay?

Taytay is known as the garments capital of the Philippines. And now it’s slowly becoming the Tiangge capital for its affordable fashionable clothes and bargain-priced apparel. But after all that shopping and bargain hunting, where is the best place to eat in Taytay?

Taytay has too many fast-food chains around the vicinity of the Tiangge area. But if you’re looking for something other than the usual burger and fries, it’s time to explore further into Taytay and support its small businesses that are thriving during this pandemic.


What to eat in Lugaw N Toppers?

Lugaw is essential. That’s a proven fact! But Lugaw N Toppers is not just about rice porridge, as they also offer rice meals and chicken wings. Here are some of the best-sellers in Lugaw N Toppers:

Goto overload

The best seller in Lugaw N Toppers is none other than the Goto Overload. Served hot in a bowl full of inviting ingredients topped with a crispy-licious chicharon. Wow just wow! You need to order this in advance as it tends to get sold out quickly.

Lugaw n toppers
Chicken wings

The LNT chicken wings come in 4 different flavors; Buttered Garlic, Creamcheese, Garlic Parmesan, and Honey Barbecue. It’s available in a minimum of 4 pieces, and up to 50 pcs for a bulk ‘bilao‘ order.


This Filipino dish has always been underrated compared to other internationally known Pinoy food. It’s probably because Nilagang Baka is known for its generally mild flavor that is far from an overpowering taste. It’s a must-try in Lugaw N Toppers!

Lugaw n toppers

This one is my favorite. I believe bagnet is an Ilocano word. Thus, this dish has a touch of Ilocos on it. A flavorful dish such as this is best with a bowl of extra rice for sure.

Lugaw n toppers

They say that one of the best parts of the pork is the Liempo. And it’s hard to disagree. When a grilled Liempo is at the table and you can smell the smoky aroma, it’s too hard to say no to an extra bowl of rice.

Lugaw n toppers

How to go to Lugaw N Toppers

It’s not easy to find Lugaw N Toppers because it’s located inside Ciudad Grande in Taytay. The good thing is that we already have Google Maps and Waze. LNT is just less than 10 minutes away from Taytay Mega Tiangge.

PRIVATE CAR/MOTORCYCLE: Drive to Muzon, Taytay via Manila East Road, passing the Tiangge area and Puregold Taytay. Turn right on G. Borja ave, the street beside Muzon Elementary school. Turn right into Ciudad Grande executive village. Turn right to Jade street and finally turn left to Emerald street. LNT is right across the basketball court.

COMMUTERide a jeepney to Angono or Binangonan and drop off at Muzon Elementary school. Take a tricycle to Emerald Street or Ciudad Grande basketball court.

Why we keep coming back to LNT?

The food is the main reason, but more importantly, the service also which is really great. It’s totally obvious that the business owners and the staffs love what they do. They serve food with all their heart and passion. And that is evident in their customer interactions.

Let’s support small business owners in our local community such as Lugaw N’ Toppers, and we can all get through this pandemic together.

Follow them on Social Media and contact them for assistance with your orders.

Facebook: Lugaw N' Toppers
Contact #: 0920-787-7522
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