5 coffee shops in Sumulong Highway, Antipolo

Antipolo is becoming popular with tourists because of its high elevation and proximity to Manila. Antipolo’s high elevation offers a scenic view of Pasig City and Cainta. Sumulong highway is one of the best spots in Antipolo to see an overlooking view of the city, especially at night. Here are 5 coffee shops in Sumulong that offer a spectacular view of Metro Manila.

Cafe lupe

Now called Casa Allegria, Cafe Lupe is one of the first things you will see as you drive up to Antipolo via Sumulong Highway. Casa Allegria offers a picturesque view of Cainta’s premium subdivisions despite sitting at the lower part of Antipolo City.

coffee shops in sumulong

Kaulayaw means “to be intimate”, and it’s a fitting name to such a romantic ambiance when you are with your special someone. This coffee shop seems to be the most popular amongst all the restaurants on Sumulong highway. And that’s probably why it’s always fully booked even on weeknights.

coffee shops in sumulong

Ahon Cafe Antipolo offers alfresco-style dining. They only have a small stall for their products and register. And you can chill alfresco with a cup of coffee underneath a huge Mango Tree overlooking Pasig City.

coffee shops in sumulong

The Rooftop Bar & Cafe is a 4-story building along the highway of Sumulong. The 1st floor is a receiving area where the register is. The second floor is for the coffee shop. On the 3rd floor is the rackety bar. And the last floor offers the best view of Pasig City which can accommodate both alcoholic drinks and coffee orders.

Rofftop bar and cafe
starbucks – sumulong highway

Finally, Starbucks realized the potential of Sumulong to draw tourists around Metro Manila. The Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts and light bites is opening its newest branch in Sumulong very soon!

starbucks sumulong

Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Sumulong

There are a number of other coffee shops and restaurants along Sumulong Highway. Its scenic overlooking view of the Metro provides a different kind of relaxation. It’s something similar to that of Tagaytay, but just minutes to an hour away.

One of the best overlooking spots in Sumulong is Cloud 9 Antipolo. So if you’re in Antipolo other than food and coffee, you should never miss checking Cloud 9. Another interesting spot is for the club hoppers. Sumulong also has Padis Point for those who love to disco and listen to local bands.

sumulong highway

How to go to Sumulong Highway

Antipolo is just a few minutes away from Manila. You just need to avoid the rush hours. If you plan to visit to see the night lights, it’s best to leave Manila from 6 PM onwards. Earlier could get you stuck in bad traffic. Here are some tips:

PRIVATE CAR/MOTORCYCLE: We highly recommend going through White Plains if you’re coming from Edsa. Avoid Aurora Blvd, Ortigas Extension, and E. Rodriguez Pasig. From White Plains, turn right to Libis going to Marikina and use the Flyover to Santolan LRT Station. Once you’re on Marcos highway, Sumulong is just a few moments away.

COMMUTE: Commuting to Antipolo has been easier than ever when the LRT extension to Masinag was completed. You can either ride a bus or a jeepney to Antipolo, but it’s best to use the LRT and drop off at LRT Antipolo Station instead.

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